Innovative Dressing for Fragile Skin and Wound Care

SPYCRA® Protect is a soft silicone adhesive dressing designed to prevent friction damage and assist wound healing.

The patented ReSkin® Silicone Skin Technology combines a super-soft silicone adhesive and a bi-elastic top layer that’s elastic in both length and width.

This makes it ideal for:

  • Protection of fragile and ‘at-risk’ skin
  • Care of epidermolysis bullosa
  • Pain-free dressing removal without damage to skin layers
  • Secure adhesion even after repositioning
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What Makes SPYCRA® Protect Unique?

It’s Bi-elastic

This means it’s elastic in both length and width. Its flexible elasticity reduces traction on skin tissue and allows a perfect fit in difficult areas such as joints, thereby improving comfort for both the patient and caregiver.

It helps to minimise the risk of friction wounds, blistering and skin tears, making it ideal for patients with fragile skin.

It Uses a Soft Silicone Adhesive

Soft silicone adhesives are in a permanent tacky state yet provide a safe level of adhesion that does not increase over time.

This avoids pain and skin trauma during dressing removal. No adhesive residue is left on the skin after removal of the dressing, and the dressing can be safely re-positioned, allowing easy wound inspection during patient care.

Silicone is inert and non-toxic, minimising the risk of skin irritation or allergies.

The wound edges are perfectly sealed, eliminating the risk of maceration of surrounding skin.

It Has Wide-Scaled Pores

The wide-scaled pores make the dressing breathable, minimising the risk of maceration and secondary wound infections.

It Doesn’t Require A Second Dressing

Secondary dressings add additional cost, can cause patient discomfort and can inadvertently stick to bed linen and clothing.

Reduced manipulation leads to faster application, benefiting patients and caregivers.

Indications for SPYCRA® Protect



Note: In the case of exuding wounds, it is recommended to apply a secondary absorbent dressing on top.


Not to be used with infected wounds, fungal infections and severe intertrigo.

Epidermolysis Bullosa

Spycra Protect is well-suited to protecting skin at risk of mechanical trauma and caring for existing blister sites.

Studies have found that Spycra Protect can reduce lesions in patients with both mild and severe forms of Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). The dressing is easy to apply, painless to remove and well-tolerated.

Parts of the body that make contact with clothing, skin and other surfaces make perfect candidates for protection by Spycra Protect.

On the bridge of your nose to prevent glasses rubbing
Around ears to prevent glasses rubbing
On waistbands of underwear
Can be used under bra straps and under breasts
Under watch straps
Under rings and between fingers
Under feet
On heels
On buttocks
On collar region
Under skin folds
Around fingers when using pencils
On the bridge to prevent glasses rubbing the nose directly
Around temple tips to prevent rubbing of the ears directly
Around the pencil to avoid direct contact with skin

Available Sizes

Product CodeProduct SizeQuantity Per Box
SP S5 x 7.5 cm10
SP M7.5 x 10 cm10
SP L10 x 18 cm5
SP XL18 x 30 cm3
SP XXL5 x 150 cm1

Single pack and sterile. Store dry, at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Shelf life is 5 years after production date.


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