The Grip-Strengthening Glove

A revolutionary assistive aid for people with impaired hand function. Initiate a hand grip and let Carbonhand® do the rest.

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Do you have patients with poor grip strength that struggle to perform daily living activities?

Poor grip strength may be caused by any number of disorders including orthopedic injuries, central nervous system disorders or arthritic conditions.

Carbonhand® may be the answer.

Impaired hand

What is Carbonhand® and How Can It Help?

Carbonhand® improves the grip of persons with weak or unsteady grip.

The 3-finger glove has multiple pressure sensors (1) in the fingers and one on the first MCP joint, detecting when the user performs a grip and dynamically transmitting that information to the control unit.

The control unit calculates the force that needs to be applied by a system of power actuators and artificial tendons (2) to mimic a strong and enduring grip.

A control pad (3) on the wrist allows the user to easily switch between three profiles or activate the glove with a button to make, or maintain a grip.

Carbonhand Glove components
Carbonhand Watering Flowers

Carbonhand® is clinically proven to improve grip strength, hand function, and the ability to perform daily living activities.

It is worn as a conventional glove, attached via cable to a power unit that is worn either close to the body or next to the user.

The type and size of glove and/or carry-solution can be individualised to fit user needs and situations.

Carbonhand® can dramatically increase user’s independence and quality of life.

Thanks to its open design, flexible material and magnetic buckle, the glove itself (1) is easy to put on and take off.

The small "power unit" (2) contains not just the 8 hr battery, but also the power actuators and the control system.

The cord (3) contains electrical and bowden cables to transfer sensor signals and forces between the glove and power unit.

The upper and lower arm straps (4) keep the cord close to the user in order to avoid entanglement.

Carbonhand CarbonConnect app personalised settings

The smartphone app can be used to create and customise personal profiles.

For example, the user may need more grip support for leisure activities and less for simpler household activities. They can then easily switch between profiles with the push of a button.

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We are delighted to inform you that Base Medical now offers on-site demonstrations of the Carbonhand product to occupational therapists and hand therapists across Australia. Our team of trained professionals will assist you in evaluating the suitability of Carbonhand for your existing and potential patients, while addressing any inquiries you may have.

Carbonhand offers a solution that allows individuals with impaired hand function to maintain their independence and quality of life. To book a demonstration of Carbonhand please call 1300 624 698, email or submit your contact information below.

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Carbonhand Users In Action
Carbonhand Users In Action