SafeCrush™ Pill Crusher

The Most Sophisticated Commercial-grade Pill Crusher
Protecting Nurses, Patients And Employers


SPYCRA® Protect

A soft silicone adhesive dressing designed to
prevent friction damage and assist wound healing.


buddy® Waterproof Cast
and Wound Protectors

Keep your cast or wound dry when showering,
bathing or swimming.


Air Support M001
Pressure Relief Air Mattress

The most popular pressure-relieving air mattress
in Japan is now available in Australia.


Take a Closer Look

Easy to Use at the Press of a Button

Power Button

Switches the crusher on and off.

Crush Button & Light Indicator

Push to commence crushing. Coloured light indicators.


Open to change crush cup and close before crushing.

Cup Holder

This is where the crushing cups are placed.

Aluminium Cup Tray

Tray containing the cup holder.


Rotating crusher grinds pills to a fine powder.

Want to know if SafeCrush is right for you?

Trial SafeCrush rent-free in your facility for 3 months,

just pay for the shipping and consumables.

If at any point you are not happy with SafeCrush,

simply return to us within the 3 month period – no obligation.

* Terms and Conditions Apply

For Nurses
  • Eliminates RSI associated with manual pill crushing
  • No airborne pill dust
  • Eliminates double pouring
  • Saves nurses time better spent elsewhere
For Patients
  • Consistently pulversises pills to a fine powder
  • Eliminates clogged feeding tubes
  • Eliminates cross-contamination
  • Facilitates accurate dose levels Low noise profile
For Employers
  • Protects your most valuable asset- Medical professionals
  • Happier, healthier, more productive employees

Video Testimonials

Hear from the Medical Professionals

Efficiency vs. Manual Pill Crusher

Innovation Protecting Nurses from Injury

Prevents Airborne Pill dust

Reducing RSI