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The Grip-Strengthening Glove

A revolutionary assistive aid for people with impaired hand function. Initiate a hand grip and let Carbonhand® do the rest.

Now Available in Australia

How does it work?

Pressure Sensors in the glove detect when the user grasps an object.

An Embedded Processor calculates the force that needs to be added.

Power Actuators generate an assistive force that is transferred to the limbs by artificial tendons, enhancing grip through improved strength and endurance.

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Gain Increased Independence & Quality of Life

From peeling an egg in the morning to social activities in the evening, Carbonhand® helps you get on with your life.

With an applied force of up to 20 Newtons (N) per finger, a large proportion of patients with impaired hand strength are able to regain the majority of their hand function and resume household and other activities.

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Improve Grip & Endurance

Artificial tendons and electric motors add power to the glove ensuring endurance for people with impaired hand function. This enables activities in everyday life and at work.

Carbonhand CarbonConnect app personalised settings

Personalise Settings

Use the app to create and customise your own profiles. For example, you may need more support for leisure activities and less for simpler household activities. You can then easily switch between your profiles with the push of a button.

Carbonhand glove with power pack

Fit to Your Requirements

In addition to the glove itself, Carbonhand® consists of a small power unit that distributes the power as required. You can wear Carbonhand® on your back or around your waist, which allows it to be customised to suit the situation or your preferences. Carbonhand® comes in five different sizes for right and left hands.

Carbonhand Users In Action
Carbonhand Users In Action