Spycra® Protect Dressing

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SPYCRA® Protect is a soft silicone adhesive dressing designed to prevent friction damage and assist wound healing.

The patented ReSkin® Silicone Skin Technology combines a super-soft silicone adhesive and a bi-elastic top layer that’s elastic in both length and width.

It’s ideal for protecting fragile and ‘at-risk’ skin, with proven effectiveness in minimising blisters in epidermolysis bullosa. The dressing can be removed and re-positioned without causing pain or reducing its adhesiveness.

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Spycra® Protect is a sterile, bi-elastic, soft silicone adhesive dressing designed to prevent friction damage and assist wound healing.

An upper layer of fine flexible Lycra® fibers makes the dressing bi-elastic, which helps to minimise shearing and friction, reducing the opportunity for recurrence or secondary breakdown.

The silicone adhesive layer allows the dressing to be re-positioned painlessly and without loss of adherence. It can be left in place for several days to allow skin to heal. This allows the wound to be checked periodically without having to use a new dressing.

For people with Epidermolysis bullosa, Spycra Protect can be used on skin that is at risk of friction damage. Popular locations include the buttocks, soles of the feet, fingers, under skin folds and underneath underwear. It can also be applied directly to pencils and glasses to reduce friction against skin.


Care of epidermolysis bullosa
Prevention dressing for fragile and/or ageing skin
Maturation of recently healed wounds
Prevention and care of scratch wounds
Relief of itching
Care of superficial non- to low-exuding wounds
Mild intertrigo
Prevention of friction wounds in prosthesis users and bed-bound patients

For information on how to use your Spycra Protect dressing, please read the enclosed directions.

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Product of Belgium.

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5.0 x 7.5 cm – 10 pack (SP S), 7.5 x 10 cm – 10 pack (SP M), 10 x 18 cm – 5 pack (SP L), 18 x 30 cm – 3 pack (SP XL), 5 x 150 cm – 1 pack (SP XXL)


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