DryLimb Covers For Podiatry

Waterproof wound dressing and plaster cast protectors

buddy® waterproof wound covers are a gentle, soft and flexible innovation for keeping foot wounds dry. buddy® was originally designed so that patients with diabetic ulcers and stumps could maintain daily hygiene routines. Since buddy® is lightweight and watertight it even allows for gentle exercise in swimming pools!

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Feet & Legs


You can trust your buddy® not to let water in.
buddy® uses SteriTouch®, an anti-microbial additive which helps prevent bacterial build up.
Easy to use, easy to store and so lightweight it fits in your pocket!

Medical grade material which has a soft, silky feel

Anti-allergenic – Latex Free

Improves recovery and rehabilitation times

Soft, flexible material allows for dexterity and gripping while in the water

Made in the UK (Patent Pending)

Endorsed by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons

Instructions for Use

Gently stretch open the seal.

Slip your buddy® over your bandage or cast and pull up gently.

Pull the corners down to create a smooth seal below your joint. You are now ready to shower!

For swimming and bathing:

As you lower your limb into the water, buddy® will cling to your cast or bandage and the air will rise. Release the air by gently pulling open the seal before completely submerging. Repeat step 2.

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Short Leg

The short leg is 35 cm in length and covers the toe, foot and ankle. It reaches mid-calf on an adult.