Tremipen® Home makes tremor quantification as easy as checking for a fever

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Push the power button, get into position and perform the measurement.

It’s as simple as that.

In a little over 30 seconds, Tremipen® Home will display tremor amplitude (mG), an objective measurement of tremor.

It’s as easy to use as a clinical thermometer

The Measurement Process

Measurement Parameters

Tremor Amplitude (Power of Main Peak)

Tremor is one of the characteristic symptoms of several conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease (PD) and Essential Tremor (ET). All persons have a physiologic tremor that is not considered symptomatic, but the amplitude of a tremor can vary to the point it becomes severely disabling.

The tremor amplitude refers to how strong and intense a tremor has manifested.

A large-scale study1 determined that the average tremor amplitude of a healthy person is approximately 3 mG.

Tremor amplitude was historically measured in mV (milli-Volt), but in recent years the physically more accurate unit of mG (milli-G) has become more common. 1G is equal to the acceleration or gravity of earth, and the Tremipen® uses an accelerometer to measure the acceleration of the tremor.

In the past it was impractical and cost-prohibitive to have patients measure tremor amplitude in the comfort of their own homes. The Tremipen® has made it simple for patients to monitor daily physiological responses to medication, exercise, diet, surgery and alternative therapies. It’s now as easy as taking one’s temperature or blood pressure.

1Raethjen, F Pawlas, M Lindemann, R Wenzelburger, G Deuschl, Determinants of physiologic tremor in a large normal population, In Clinical Neurophysiology, Volume 111, Issue 10, 2000, Pages 1825-1837, ISSN 1388-2457,

Amplitude: Tremipen® vs Tremor Rating Scales

Clinically Proven Objectivity

A clinical trial performed at the Medical University of Graz in 2016 found that the Tremipen® could quantify tremor objectively.

To better understand the relationship between the mG unit and the tremor amplitude, Tremitas has used the data from its own clinical trials to create a correlation guide between the values measured by the Tremipen® and ratings defined in both the “Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale” (UPDRS) and the “The Essential Tremor Rating Assessment Scale” (TETRAS).

These scales are only for informational purposes and are not to be used as exact scales.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Upload Measurement Data to the Tremipen Home® App for Better Data Management and Visualisation

With the Tremipen® Home App installed on an Apple (iOS 14.0 or later) or Android (8.0 or later) smart device, you can easily transfer tremor measurements from your Tremipen® via Bluetooth®. The transfer can be performed after each measurement (recommended) or after a certain period of time.

The Tremipen® Home App also enables you to display the measurement data in an overview and thus see the average value of your measurements.

The uploaded data gives you convenient access to your personal tremor diary from anywhere. There is a comment field available for each measurement, where you can enter any events that you believe could result in a change in measurement results (for example, sports activities, a new medication regimen or a change in diet).

You can easily share or backup your measurement data via email or other messenger services, either as a CSV file (Microsoft® Excel readable) or as a png (image file).

The measurement results can be viewed retrospectively using a filter and, in conjunction with the respective comments, provide additional information regarding your therapy.

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All Benefits at a Glance

Medical Device

In the EU, Tremipen® is a CE-certified medical device of class Im: this guarantees the clinical benefit, accuracy and safety of the device.

Low Weight

The low weight of the Tremipen® guarantees precise measurements. The tremor is not influenced by unnecessary weight.

Precise Technology

Precise sensors and fine-tuned electronic components measure the tremor exactly. And unlike traditional methods, in a portable package.

Easy to Use

A measurement is performed in three simple steps: pushing the button, performing the measurement and reading the results on the display.

Intrinsic Biocompatibility

The case of the Tremipen® is made of an intrinsically biocompatible material that prevents reaction with human skin. By design, Tremipen® doesn’t require prolonged contact to extract meaningful results.

Made in Austria

The Tremipen® has been fully developed and produced in Austria.

Product Specifications

1 × 1.5 V Battery – Type AAA, Varta


~30g (including battery)

165mm x 18mm (L x Diameter)

Measure tremor amplitude (mG)

Tremor frequency – 3 – 20 Hz
Tremor amplitude – 10 – 1750mG

Tremor frequency – ± 10 % absolute tolerance
or a maximum of ± 2Hz
Tremor amplitude – ± 10% absolute tolerance
or a maximum of ± 100mG

150 measurements (if exceeded, oldest entries are overwritten)