Air Support M001 – Air Mattress Replacement System

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The Air Support M001 active pressure relief air mattress is brought to you by HIVIX, the largest manufacturer of air mattress replacement systems in Japan. It incorporates an innovative triple-layered air cell (called the “Ab-AIRCELL”) and strategically placed air cells of different sizes that together help to drastically reduce the risk of pressure sores without sacrificing comfort, body support or safety.

The advanced air pump has a variety of settings and modes that can cater to the physical condition of the person under care and can be adjusted as necessary for periods of rehabilitation, meal times and other forms of assistance. A triple-circuit expansion/contraction wave motion helps to reduce constant pressure build-up on parts of the body. Safety features are in place to respond to unexpected events such as air leakages and power cuts.

HIVIX Corporation of Japan would like to introduce you to the Air Support range of active pressure relief mattress, which is new to the Australian market.

The Air Support M001 is the most advanced model of the HIVIX range, and is suitable for patients at high risk of pressure sores.


HIVIX is the market leader in active pressure sore prevention mattresses in Japan, with over 800,000 units sold and a 35 year history, HIVIX brings unparalleled reliability, quality and comfort to Australian Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities. HIVIX offers you full factory backed support.


Full mattress replacement
Low profile 150mm high – ideal for helping patients in and out of bed
Extremely quiet operation – virtually no sound disturbance to patient
Very soft yet strong durable materials resists puncture or leakage
Maintains inflation for 72hrs in event of power failure
Maintains inflation and will alarm in case of accidental puncture- User Replaceable Cells
Multiple independent cells of variable sizing, designed to offer maximum comfort and prevent sliding
Multiple modes of operation, including sitting Mode and emergency CPR Mode
Breathable, Washable cover
Proven reliability from largest Japanese manufacturer


HiVix Co Ltd was founded in Japan in 1951.

The company is based in Mizuho city, Gifu prefecture Japan, and specialises in the manufacture of pressure sore prevention mattresses.

The company prides itself on quality and reliability, and backs its products with 24 months Nationwide Warranty.

If you are interested to learn more about this premium product, please contact us – we look forward to talking to you.

By choosing the Air Support ASM001, you have the assurance that the product will meet your highest expectations of quality and service life, giving your patients the maximum in pressure site prevention and comfort.

More Information

Additional information


Anti-decubitus ulcer air mattress

Degree of Decubitus Ulcers


Max User Weight


Min User Weight


EMC Standard


Mattress Dimensions

900mm (W) × 2000mm (L) × 150mm (H)

Mattress Material

Air cells: Polyurethane, Base sheet: Nylon OX with slip-prevention material on underside

Mattress Weight


Cover Material

Polyurethane fabric (waterproof / fire-retardant)

Control Unit Dimensions

320mm (W) × 290mm (H) × 140mm (D)

Control Unit Material

Case: ABS resin, Hook: SUS (stainless steel)

Control Unit Weight


Power Supply

AC230V 50Hz 30VA


5×20mm F 2A

Power Cord Length



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