Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are SafeCrush™ Crushing Cups recyclable?

Yes, SafeCrush™ Crushing Cups are recyclable, recycling designation is 5. Do not re-use Crushing Cups as this can seriously endanger patients (Cross-Contamination). IMPORTANT: washing and re-using Crushing Cups is not recommended. The Crushing Cups deform during the crushing process and will not perform as designed and may void SafeCrush™ warranty.

Q. The aluminum Cup Tray is closed, however, SafeCrush™ will not start crushing cycle. Why?


A Crushing Cup was not placed on top of the pills. Remove the aluminum cup tray. If there is no Crushing Cup covering the pills, place a Crushing Cup over the pills and close the aluminium cup tray. Push Crush button. NOTE: A SafeCrush™ Crushing Cup must ALWAYS cover pills to prevent cross-contamination.


SafeCrush™ has a Sleep Mode. If not in-use for over two (2) minutes, SafeCrush™ turns to Sleep Mode to preserve battery life. To re-set, pull aluminium cup tray out and push back in again.


The aluminum cup tray is not completely closed, push tray snugly in to drawer so it is flush with the unit. Make sure Crush Button is solid Blue. Now Ready to Crush. Push Crush Button.


The pill or pills being crushed are very small (ie Sennoside) and the sensor is not picking up the existence of pills. Open up aluminum Cup Tray and spin the top Crushing Cup slightly to raise the top Crushing cup higher. Close aluminum Cup Tray, Press Crush Button.


The battery is dead. Re-charge battery for approximately 3 hours. If battery does not re-charge, call Serrano Medical Solutions for a new SafeCrush™ battery.


Fuse (inside battery compartment) – The Fuse protects the electric motor from being overloaded. If SafeCrush™ is misused or overloaded, the Fuse will fail. Turn SafeCrush™ upside down, remove screw from battery plate, remove battery and unscrew fuse (counter-clockwise). Replace Fuse with SafeCrush™ Fuse.


Re-Set Button (inside Battery Compartment) – The Re-Set Button will be required rarely, if ever. If SafeCrush™ will not operate and only after every other possibility has been checked, the user will need to “re-boot” the system. Turn SafeCrush™ upside down, remove screw from battery plate, remove battery and press “Re-Set” button.

Q. Why are the pills not crushed finely?


Ensure bottom cup is “seated” properly and “locked” in place in the white plastic cup holder. Although very rare, there are some pills that are unusually large in diameter. If this is the case, cut the pill in four pieces before crushing. After crushing cycle, if pills are not crushed into the fine powder desired, simply repeat the crushing cycle.